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In-line Cab Spray

0780004.01 Tank 10Lt with upper side hole, with aspirtaion
0994120 Angle connection diam.4mm
0994127 Counter
0994259 Kit spare parts Cabin (gaskets, spring, cilinder graduated, tubes to the single nuzzles)
0780005 Metallic plate to incline the tank
0900063 Nozzle at fan blue + Gasket (3 pcs)
0900010 Nozzle at fan green + Gaskets (3 pcs)
0900101 Nozzle at fan orange + Gasket (3 pcs)
0900062 Nozzle at fan yellow + Gasket (3 pcs)
0994139 OR Valve
0924001 Pressure regulator with manometer
0994130 Protection panel for the nozzle holder bar
0900082 Regulating and Filtering group with manometer
0994129 Selector
0994128 Switch
0900076 Valve at sensible level and connections

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