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Soft Trigger Gel Gun



Specially tailored for small hatcheries the hand-held pneumatic SOFT TRIGGER GEL GUN with its pierced aluminum bar is able to dispense exact gel doses efficiently onto crates used in vaccinating and containing day old chicks. The pneumatic gun enables hatchery operators to have a wide range of freedom and movement.
SOFT-TRIGGER TECHNOLOGY: Air pressure is utilized to consistently apply the same amount of pressure on the trigger piston, ensuring to dispense always the same quantity of vaccine. The Soft-Trigger technology also ensures a comfortable and ergonomic use, reducing hand pain and fatigue for the operator.
• Wide range: This model offers adjustable capacity ranging from 0 to 30 cc.
• Light weight: Less than 1Kg

0994153 T-WAGON
0980001 AIR TANK 10l
0780002 AIR TANK 5l

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