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Soft Trigger Syringe Intradermal 0,2ml



This is Valery Technologies second high-quality Soft-Trigger NEEDLE-FREE syringe. Used within the pig and swine farming sector mass vaccination protocols. This device is designed to deliver a 0.2ml shot directly into the derma of the animal aiming to minimize stress levels amongst animals.
SOFT-TRIGGER TECHNOLOGY: Air pressure is utilized to consistently apply the same amount of pressure on the trigger piston, ensuring to dispense always the same quantity of vaccine. The Soft-Trigger technology also ensures a comfortable and ergonomic use, reducing hand pain and fatigue for the operator.
• Minimal maintenance required
• Lightweight, less than 1kg.

0994153 T-WAGON
0980001 AIR TANK 10l
0780002 AIR TANK 5l

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