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Spray Cab-Dual




27 Kg


118x52x81 cm


Manually Operated

Number of Vaccinations Per Hour

36000 Day-Old-Chicks

The SPRAY CAB-DUAL is the dual pumping version of SPRAY CAB-MONO, equipped with two adjustable administer cylinders has been designed specifically to administer two different types of live vaccines to Day-Old-Chicks through one intervention. Each cylinder is adjustable separately with a range of 1-30ml and can be employed together with an adjustable delay. Guaranteed proper distribution and coverage throughout the enclosed area via a SIX nozzle system, these nozzles are located on the roof of the cabin and have a wide range of adjustment along the main axis of the cabin. The cabin comes with a full set of nozzles, with a droplet size from 120 μm to 300 μm also included are two 10 liter plastic container for vaccine containment.

0900176 4 legs complete of relative wheels
0900172 Adaptation kit for Cabin Manual
0900190 Air tube 6x4mm (minimum order 5mt and multiple) - BLACK
Antidrop Valve (6 pcs) 0900089
0900064 Complete piston at double effect
0994259 Kit spare parts Cabin (gaskets, spring, cilinder graduated, tubes to the single nuzzles)
0900191 Liquid tube 9X6mm (minimum order 3mt and multiple) - TRANSPARENT
0900112 Lubrificat oil (1 lt)
0994154 Magnetic Shaker
0942121 Metallic nozzle holder (6 pcs)
0780005 Metallic plate to incline the tank
0900075 Nozzle 65° Blue (6 pcs)
0900074 Nozzle 65° Green (6 pcs)
0900039 Nozzle at cone Blue + Gasket (minumum order 4 pcs and multiple)
0900029 Nozzle at cone Green + Gasket (minumum order 4 pcs and multiple)
0900055 Nozzle at cone Orange + Gasket (minumum order 4 pcs and multiple)
0900056 Nozzle at cone Yellow + Gasket (minumum order 4 pcs and multiple)
0900175 Plexiglass control panel
0900174 Plexiglass with 6 holes (without nozzles)
0924001 Pressure regulator with manometer
0900082 Regulating and Filtering group with manometer
0900178 Timer for cabin
0900095 Tube 6x4mm (minimum order 5mt and multiple) - TRANSPARENT
0900076 Valve at sensible level and connections
0780004.01 Tank 10Lt with upper side hole, with aspirtaion

0994154 Magnetic Shaker

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