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Ruminant, Pig, Sheep




Used for its maneuverability and freedom in vast spaces around farms, this rugged vehicle allows operators to vaccinate animals with ease. Connectable to all of the pneumatic Valery Technologies Soft-Trigger syringes within the pigs and suine range. Equipped with its dual 10-liter AIR TANK (total capacity of 20L) and using the special air multiplier (supplied) with the cart allows for a quick charge time of approximately 5 minutes for both vessels.
• Premium durable hard plastic frame construction.
• Top carrying shelf for vaccines and syringes.
• Rubber coated swivel coasters.
• Maximum carriable weight 15kg.
• Potential exceeding 2400 vaccination cycles with 1 syringe connected, and 1200 per syringe with 2 syringe in connected.


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