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Wilma Pack 18l



The versatile WILMA-PACK 18l Backpack has been specifically designed with its high volume capacity and powered by an electrical pump with a continuous 3 hour battery life between charges. Focused purely on spray vaccine applications for day old chicks, the nozzles supplied cover the administration for all live vaccines. Timer equipped model enable the operator to program precise and constantly repeatable spray volumes that can be applied on to day old chicks.
• Droplet size: all WILMA-PACK comes with a full set of nozzles, with a droplet size from 120 μm to 300 μm
• Easy use: Programmable with the timer, adjustable in quantity per single dispensing.
• Full electric: The device is powered by a battery, additional spare battery included.

this version applies only continuous spray action when hand trigger is engaged.

0900054 Battery
0980006 Electric board with metallic support for Wilma with timer
0900057 Launch with tube complete of nozzleholder
0980007 Pumping complete of metallic support
0900020 Electric board for Wilma without timer
0900103 Double spiral cabled tube roll with connections

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