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Fred Pack 8l Drench



Introducing Valery Technologies repeatable drench backpack for Cattle, Sheep and Goats. Used on farms this device proves indispensable for efficient vaccination protocols against parasites.
Worn as a backpack the battery-operated rechargeable FRED-PACK 8 liter is a mobile device enabling a cattle farm operator the freedom and flexibility managing the dispensing of probiotic through the mouth of the animals. Programable via a smartphone APP, the FRED-PACK is able to deliver precise amounts of water solution or gel probiotic through a metal drench.
• Designed to be user-friendly, easy to maintain and clean.
• For Cattle capable of a single drench administration of up to 500ml.
• Sheep and Goat version capable of single drench administration of up to 100ml.
• 8 Liter tank capacity.

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