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S-Wagon 50l



The Valery Tech’s 50 liter tank mobile vaccination trolley is especially designed for indoor use particularly for later staged vaccinations of Layer poultry kept in battery cages inside of a barn. It’s compact size and light maneuverability enables the trolleys wheels to adapt grueling environments and help aid the vaccination process with ease in-between battery cages. Recommended for small to medium sized farms.
• Full Electric: the power supply insured by a rechargeable battery, providing sufficient autonomy (about 3 hours of continuous use)
• Easy use: Operating pressure is adjustable via a manual pressure regulator on the handle, this permit to control the dose per cage and the range.
• Constant flow: A high-efficiency pump and singles nozzles connections ensure constant flow and pressure on each nozzle even the higher.
• Versatility: the two nozzle bars can be equipped with up to 6 nozzle adjustable in height each, this permit the device to adapt to any type of layer cage and any type of farms (4-5-6 level)
• No waste: Each dispenser is equipped with anti-drop mechanisms to prevent incorrect distributions and minimize wastage with a capacity ranging from 0 to 1ml

0991013 Battery 12V 38 Ah Complete of 2 cover poles
0991014 Batterycharger Complete of connection
0991017 Complete handle
0991021 Distributor double tap
0991012 Filter 10BAR complete of Turnable angle ¼” - Ø8
0991020 Front wheels (2 pcs)
0991015 Kit transparent tubes Ø6mm For 1 complete bar: n.8 tubes Ø6mm lenght 0.5mt n.1tubes Ø6mm lenght 0.8mt
0991018 Kit tubes inox stem for 1 complete stem: n.2 inox tubes lenght 1mt n.2 inox tubes lenght 0,5 mt
0900010 Nozzle at fan green + Gasket (12 pcs)
0900101 Nozzle at fan orange + Gasket (12 pcs)
0900062 Nozzle at fan yellow + gasket (12 pcs)
0942109 Nozzle holder complete (6 pcs)
0991016 Nozzle’s support complete of screw
0900087 Plastic T connector
0991010 Pump complete of Turnable angle ¼” - Ø8 Straight male thread ¼” - Ø10
0991009 Rear wheels with steel support brakeless (2 pcs)
0991011 Tank 50 lt
0900013 Transparent tube Ø6mm (10 mt)
0900014 Transparent tube Ø8mm (5 mt)
0900015 Transparent tube Ø10mm (5 mt)
0900089 Valve anti-drop (12 pcs)

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