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Soft Trigger Spray Gun



This hand held pneumatic spray gun is used for the vaccination of day old chicks. Connected to an air supply with its ergonomic designed light weight handle and equipped with Soft-Trigger technologies enables the device to be used in small to medium sized incubators and is specifically crafted for administering vaccines through spraying. Spray controlled volumes can be adjusted and set on the device as needed. A connecting tube links the spray gun to the tank supplying the vaccine solution. Ceramic nozzles are employed to ensure maximum precision and durability.
SOFT-TRIGGER TECHNOLOGY: Air pressure is utilized to consistently apply the same amount of pressure on the trigger piston, ensuring to dispense always the same quantity of vaccine. The Soft-Trigger technology also ensures a comfortable and ergonomic use, reducing hand pain and fatigue for the operator.
• Wide range: This model offers adjustable capacity ranging from 0 to 30ml.
• Light weight: Less than 1Kg

0900094 10 mt spiral tube diam.4mm with connections
0900099 Black o'ring for cilinder
0900090 Complete nozzle holder with nut
0922122 Graduated cilinder
0900111 Group anterior valve
0942108 Handler complete of internal valve and trigger
0992108 Internal spring for pneumetic piston
0994156 Kit connections for unidirectional valves
0994158 Kit spring/gaskets/valves
0900110 Liquid pick up with tube
0900063 Nozzle at fan blue + Gasket (3 pcs)
0900104 Nozzle at fan brown + Gasket (3 pcs)
0900062 Nozzle at fan yellow + gasket (3 pcs)
0780006 Pressure regulator
0900097 Yellow o'ring

0994153 T-WAGON
0980001 AIR TANK 10l
0780002 AIR TANK 5l

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