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Soft Trigger Syringe Pour-on



Introducing Valery Technologies Soft-Trigger Pour-On for Cattle, Sheep and Goats. Used on Cattle, Dairy, Sheep and Goat farms this device, proven to be indispensable for efficient vaccination protocols against parasites has been designed to effectively distribute medication for treating both internal and external parasites in livestock. It ensures that treatment is comfortable, safe, and efficient. By using a pneumatic cylinder and a specialized nozzle, the device can easily spread medication applied to the backline of cattle evenly from the withers to the rump via a pour-on applicator maximizing its effectiveness. Overall, it simplifies the process of administering parasite control treatments for livestock.
SOFT-TRIGGER TECHNOLOGY: Air pressure is utilized to consistently apply the same amount of pressure on the trigger piston, ensuring to dispense always the same quantity of vaccine. The Soft-Trigger technology also ensures a comfortable and ergonomic use, reducing hand pain and fatigue for the operator.
• Adjustable Pour-On capacity from 0ml-50ml.
• Designed for the operator in mind, this fully adjustable syringe is lightweight less than 1kg and ergonomic providing an easy and intuitive operation, enhancing overall user experience with a wide range of freedom and movement.
• Optimal comfort for livestock, safety, and efficacy throughout the treatment process.

0994153 T-WAGON
0980001 AIR TANK 10l
0780002 AIR TANK 5l

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