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Re-inforced pallet


1200 x 900 x 160 mm

Measure tolerance

+ 1 cm / – 1 cm

Net weight (kg)

20,45 kg

Weight tolerance (kg)

+ 0,3 kg / – 0,3 kg


almost all RAL-colours

In addition to our standard ECS pallet, we also supply a so-called re-inforced version. In this case, the pallet is equipped with 3 galvanized steel pipes that run parallel to the length of the pallet. These tubes are processed on the inside of the pallet, and therefore do not cause any problems with loading and unloading the pallets. In cases where pallets are used in racks, we strongly recommend using these re-inforced pallets.

High quality HDPE virgin material
RFID-chip for track & trace

For perfect recognition the pallets can be provided with an inscription, free of charge.
Strong – durable – long life time
Optional: BSA (Bio Security Additive) to prevent cross contamination





Extra features

  • Inscription
    For perfect recognition the pallets can be provided with an inscription. We can add your company name on the pallet. This service is free of charge.
  • RAL-colours
    The EC pallets with open deck, made of virgin plastic, can be produced in almost all RAL colours. Minimum quantity per colour is 60 pieces.
  • Rubber Plugs
    All pallets with open deck are applied with 4 plugs. These plugs prevent the bottom stacks with eggs from shoving.
  • RFID Chip
    Our EC pallets with open deck are standard provided with a RFID chip. These RFID chips can be used for tracking & tracing the EggsCargoSystem as well as the eggs on it.
  • GI-OVO Clean Compound®
    Silver ion technology, on which GI-OVO Clean Compound® is based, inhibits the growth of microorganisms as pathogen microbes and bacteria.

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