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The transport of live birds is a fundamental process in poultry production.

With over half a century of experience in the industry, Giordano provides what is currently the biggest worldwide range of transportation crates for use in the professional poultry sector.

Recognized for excellent quality and precise design, these easy-to-use poultry crates are among Giordano’s best-known products.

Giordano products are suitable for several poultry sector species. The term “birds” refers to poultry production animals in general includes: laying hens, broilers, day-old chicks, turkeys, quail, bird game.

All the cages and boxes of Giordano are strong and durable, hygienic and easy to clean. Animal welfare is guaranteed thanks to excellent ventilation, easy stacking, as well as smooth and round surfaces that minimize bruises and broken wings, preventing injuries during coop handling.

The products in the range are made with HD polyethylene and UV stabilized that reduces ageing due to solar rays. The coop line is very simple to assemble: push fitself locking. No equipment is needed, as a simple pressure ensures the complete assembly of the coop.

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