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Giordano B.V.

Giordano B.V. is basically a trading company specialized in the global egg market. Giordano B.V. develops and supplies logistics solutions for the transport and storage of eggs for consumption and hatching, and certainly not just for eggs from chickens.

In close collaboration with its Italian parent company Giordano Poultry Plast, the Dutch Giordano B.V. its full focus on innovations and further development of concepts that contribute to the egg industry. Perhaps one of the well-known systems produced by Giordano B.V. being marketed is the EggsCargoSystem.


Giordano B.V.
Topperbinnenweg 7
3774 BZ Kootwijkerbroek
The Netherlands

PO BOX 327
3770 AH Barneveld
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 88 030 8900

Legal Details

VAT N° NL855606940B01
IBAN NL59RABO 0306 7683 80
COC 64302784


Giordano B.V. is the trade name of Twinpack Special Products [TSP]. The company was founded in 1990 through a Management By Out of the packaging activities of the Barneveld egg auction. After several takeovers and mergers, the company came into the hands of De Jong Verpakking in the Netherlands in 2013, which later became part of Stora Enzo.

During the entire period of its existence, Giordano B.V. and thus its predecessors have always focused on packaging for eggs. While in the earlier years this mainly involved one-off packaging made of pulp and cardboard, the company has increasingly specialized in sustainable systems made of virgin plastic. In 2018, the Giordano family acquired the majority of TSP shares from De Jong. In the period between 2018 and 2024, the company continued under the name GI-OVO and as of April 2024 this name was changed to GIORDANO B.V. which further strengthens the group identity.


Giordano B.V. does not have its own production factories. In addition to the collaboration with the Italian parent company, Giordano B.V. together with co-producers in USA – Brazil – Malaysia and China who produce products and systems under license for Giordano B.V. produce. Naturally, all co-producers are under strict quality supervision so that the products we make are of the same high quality wherever they are made in the world.