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HatchCargo Pallet


1030 x 755 x160 mm

Net weight (kg)

10,7 kg



Standard colour


Colours possible (minimum quantities)

RAL colour range

Light weight pallet through water injection


  • RFID microchip
  • Inscription
  • Different RAL-Colours

Extra features

  • Inscription or Print *
    For perfect recognition the pallets can be provided with an inscription or print. We can add your company name on the pallet.
  • RAL-colours *
    The pallets made of virgin (new) plastic, can be produced in almost all RAL-colours.
    Click here to go to the RAL-website and pick your colour(s).
  • RFID Chip
    Our pallets are standard provided with a RFID chip. These RFID chips can be used for tracking & tracing the HatchCargoSystem® as well as the eggs on it.
  • GI-OVO Clean Compound®
    Silver ion technology, on which GI-OVO Clean Compound® is based, inhibits the growth of microorganisms as pathogen microbes and bacteria.
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