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Chick, Turkey, Duck

Gyro Line


25/30 DOC*/cup
9/11 finishing/cup

30/40 DOC*/cup
25/30 finishing/cup

20 TOM/cup

*DOC= day old chicks

0260125.50 Big cup with stainless steel
0260104.55 Flat section pendulum for fattening big cup
0260100.50 Rearing cup with stainless steel
0260104.54 Round section pendulum for rearing cup
0260112.50 Hanger bracket for pendulum
0260110.50 Pendulum line valve
0250111.50 O-ring for hanger bracket
0260105.50 Bracket without anti-perch
0260113.50 Hex head screw for bracket
0260123.50 Floating ball empty interior
0260108.50 PVC pipe 3/4
0260109.50 Square iron pipe 25x25
0250011.50 Stiff joint for PVC pipe 3/4
0250012.50 Stiff joint for pipe Ø26,76
0260111.50 Stiff joint for square iron pipe
0260121.50 Plastic stiff joint for square iron pipe
0250104.50 Super drop valve holder
0250013.50 Valve for broiler Ø4,3 mm
0250016.50 Valve for ducks Ø4 mm
0250110.50 O-ring for super drop valve
0250103.50 Super drop holding plate
0250060.50 Complete hanger bracket for Gyro Line round pipe

0260114.50 Collarette for rearing cup
0260120.50 Floating ball Ø30
0250024.50 Super drop drip cup 3/4
0250016.50 Valve for ducks cc/min 80
0260120.51 Floating ball Ø33

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