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Turkey, Duck

Jumbo 98


0211003.50 Ø9


300 mm


488 mm

Gutter depth

104 mm

Gutter width

71 mm


1.22 kg


50/60 adult fatteners

Standard packing

20 Jumbo 98per carton 620x340x920 mm
10 complete valves Ø9 per carton 220x200x110 mm
500 collars per carton 410x410x710 mm
500 shut-off saddles Ø9 per carton 410x410x710 mm

Shipping capacity

2880 pcs = 20' cnt
6100 pcs = 40’ cnt
6880 pcs = 40 HC

Jumbo 98 is a semi-automatic drinker dedicated to ducks and turkeys broiler. Made of a resistant material, it can last for several years. It is easy to clean and can work only suspended.
Its drinking comfort allows the sustenance of 50 to 60 adult fattening animals.

Working pressure: min 0.2 bar – max 0.5 bar.
For higher pressures, either use a reducer or connect to a water tank that should be placed at least 4 m above ground level.
For optimum working conditions, it is suitable to keep the water level beetween 10 to 20 mm.

0480001.50 Shut-off saddle Ø9
0505107.50 Hose hook Ø9
0604001.50 Rubber hose 5x9
0505106.50 Cord Adjuster
0505111.50 Suspension cord
0501111.50 Hose connector Ø9
0505101.50 Valve flow tube
0505103.50 Valve adjusting screw
0505104.50 Locknut
0505110.50 Spring
0506001.50 Valve with washer
0208102.50 Collar
0211004.50 Bell
0505005.50 Complete valve Ø9

0503002.50 Threaded T Ø9
0503003.50 Threaded T Ø14

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