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Turkey, Duck

Manola T




545 mm


1711 mm

Gutter depth

110 mm

Gutter width

96 mm


2.55 kg


20 kg​
50/60 adult turkeys

Standard packing

20 cones per carton 350x680x700 mm
30 plates per carton 550x550x930 mm
55 anti waste grid per carton 550x550x930 mm
700 top stabilizing bars per carton 630x630x800 mm
500 bottom stabilizing bars per carton 630x630x800 mm
100 aluminium stems per carton 290x510x180 mm
1000 ajusting screw + metal washer 350x290x150 mm

Shipping capacity

1200 pcs = 20' cnt
2520 pcs = 40’ cnt
2940 pcs = 40 HC

The Manola T is a plastic feeder for manual or semi-automatic use.
In its standard version, without cover, it is mainly used for breeding chickens, while for broiler housing the version with cover is preferred.
In some countries, such as the UK, it is equipped with the Garden Rain cover, a lid designed to cover the feed from rain and humidity.


0505111.50 Suspension cord 3 mt
0505106.50 Cord adjuster
0301102.50 Cone
0301108.50 Pan
0301109.50 Anti-waste grid
0301105.50 Top stabilizing bar
0301106.50 Bottom stabilizing bar
0301119.50 Aluminium stem
0505119.50 Suspension hook
0301110.50 Screw 20 mm
0301120.50 Screw 30 mm
0301116.50 Metal washer

0301103.50 Lid

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