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Polyfeeder is an automatic feeder for turkey and web-footed bird breeding. This highly resistant plastic feeder is suitable for all ages of birds realized with decomposable and modular parts, allowing different applications.
Its main advantage is that it can be used during the breeding and fattening phases in all situations where it is possible to carefully adjust the feed flux.
The combination varies according to the accessories.

0307106.50 Cap
0307107.50 Safety lock
0307105.50 Hose connection
0307116.50 Stainless steel scew 12 thread 85x6
0307117.50 Blind Stainless Steel Nut M6
0307108.50 Cover
0307104.50 Adjusting locknut
0307129.50 Cone
0307101.50 Plate
0307016.50 Iron pipe Ø45
0307014.50 Auger for pipe Ø45
Polyfeeder fixed for rearing Cod. 0307050.50
0307127.50 Rearing cone
0307125.50 Fixed Hose Connection
Polyfeeder fixed for fattening Cod. 0307051.50
0307128.50 Fattening cone
0307114.50 Pipe base articulation

0307108.50 Cover
0307109.50 Collarette
0307126.50 Combination 10+14
0307112.50 Combination 13
0307124.50 Combination 10+11
0307115.50 Bushing
0307120.50 Fixing clip
0307119.50 Fixing clamp
0307121.50 Cross head screw M6x45 for clip
0307122.50 Self-locking nut for clip

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