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Twist is the only truly fully automatic feeder worldwide. It is the first poultry feeder consisting of only 3 parts and the only feeder allowing a one-step washing process, without any disassembling or handling. Twist is made to follow the entire cycle growth of the heavy broiler, satisfying ideal bird feeding needs by simply modifying the height of the line, to provide the best results up to the end of the lifecycle. The special inclination towards the inner centre of the plate and the edge design allow a substantial reduction of food leakage during the feeding.

This product is ideal for broiler up to 1.8 kg; over this weight its Maxi version is available.

0307016.50 Iron pipe Ø45
0307014.50 Auger for pipe Ø45
0308102.50 Cone
0308101.50 Pan
For TWIST WITH CAP Cod. 0308001.50
0308103.50 Cap
For TWIST WITH FLAT CAP Cod. 0308002.50
0308104.50 Flat Cap

0308106.50 Anti-waste Grid

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