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Box 1 Compartment




630x420x155 mm


1.66 kg

Load resistance

200 kg


100 chicks

Standard packing

100 pcs per pallet 1250x1050xh2400 mm

Shipping capacity

1020 pcs = 20’ cnt
2080 pcs = 40’ cnt
2490 pcs = 40’ HC

This easy-to-use Box 1 compartment fits 100 chicks and is recognized for excellent quality and precise design. Also, this box is suitable for the day old chicks of several poultry sector species. This box is strong, durable, hygienic and easy to clean. It is also extremely durable due to the use of UV stabilized HD polyethylene, which reduces ageing due to solar rays. And last but not least, these boxes guarantee animal welfare thanks to excellent ventilation, easy stacking and smooth and round surfaces that minimize bruises, broken wings and other injuries during transport.

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