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Multiple Pigeon Box




330x150x250 mm


0.65 kg

Standard packing

54 bottoms per carton 470x680x730 mm
100 covers per carton 410x410x710 mm
120 water tank per carton 340x340x270 mm

Shipping capacity

3600 pcs = 20' cnt
8200 pcs = 40' cnt
8600 pcs = 40' HC

The Multiple Pigeon Box is a cage designed to hold only one racing pigeon at a time.
Its fully smooth shape and ventilation holes ensure maximum safety for the animal’s health when moving around and the comfortable handle makes it easy to hold.
Thanks to a sophisticated system of side hooks, this small cage can be assembled with others to become a multiple system in which each bird has its own space, but multiple group transport is optimised.

0112130.51 Bottom
0112131.51 Cover
0112132.50 Water tank

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