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Pigeon, Pheasant

Pheasant Coop

The Pheasant Coop is a cage for transporting pheasants and gamebirds in general.
This product has an exclusive design that limits the entry of light, but still ensures perfect ventilation. Its structure allows good overlapping between different pieces, solid and secure.
It has two doors, one door on each side, plus an optional top door for easy opening.

0113115.50 Bottom
0114029.50 Side swinging door 28x18
Pheasant coop 2 doors Cod. 0113003.50
0113116.50 Cover
Pheasant coop 3 doors Cod. 0113004.50
0113117.50 Cover
0114014.50 Top door 18,5x14 cm
0114026.50 Spring
0114030.50 Spring holder

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