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Piedmont Coop

The Piedmont Coop is a transport crate for live chicken, with a capacity of 20 birds (depending on climate and weight).
This coop is very well ventilated and designed with smooth and rounded edges to protect the birds against any injuries or broken wings.
Recognised all over the world for its top-quality performance and its “Giordano yellow” colour, designed specifically to distinguish the brand’s products., the Piedmont Coop is made of 100% pure virgin plastic material to guarantee its strength and resilience and is also UV stabilized to protect it against sun rays and heat damage. The Piedmont Coop is easy to assemble and is designed to be washed and reused for several years.
It is available in various versions: without door, one or two doors.
It can be chosen open without cover but with frame or with cover with sliding door.

0101103.50 Long side
0101104.50 Front side
Piedmont Coop 1 door Cod. 0101001.50
0114027.50 Top sliding door 42x38
0101100.50 Bottom
0101110.50 Cover
Piedmont Coop 2 door Cod. 0101002.50
0114027.50 Top sliding door 42x38
0114020.50 Side door 30x19 cm
0114016.50 Spring
0114015.50 Spring holder
0101113.50 Bottom
0101127.50 Cover
0101105.50 4 stems side
Piedmont Coop open Cod. 0101006.50
0101100.50 Bottom
0101112.50 Frame

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