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Pigeon Coop TYPE A




750x1000x300 mm

Swinging door size

900×210 mm


10.71 kg


20/22 pigeons

Standard packing

25 pcs per pallet 1200x1000xh2250 mm

Shipping capacity

250 pcs = 20' cnt
525 pcs = 40' cnt
588 pcs = 40' HC

The Pigeon Coop type A with swinging door is the most widely used coop in the pigeon product line. The swinging door opens automatically, thanks to a device fitted directly by the users. This easy automatic opening allows the simultaneous opening of several coops together during the start of competitions.
The Pigeon Coop also follows the needs of the animals and is equipped with excellent ventilation to ensure the welfare of the pigeons. The highest animal welfare standards have been used in the design and engineering of the equipment.

0111108.50 Bottom
0111113.50 Cover
0111103.50 Long side
0111104.50 Front side
0114009.50 Overtunable door
0114023.50 Swinging Door 12x15 cm
0111106.50 Rod
0111107.50 Nut
0111115.50 Security lock
0111116.50 Ross dome head screw
0111117.50 Large washer
0111118.50 Small washer
0111119.50 Self-locking nut
0114025.50 Iron hinge

0111109.50 Carpet

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