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Turkey, Duck

Turkey Coop

The Turkey Coop is the best solution to the wide variety of manual crates. This coop is ideal for larger fowl, such as turkeys and ducks. Despite its size, this coop is shipped knock-down making it ideal for exporting. This eliminates high freight costs associated with the exportation process. The Turkey Coop is made out of high density, polyethylene UV stabilized material which will provide the durability needed for continuous use.

0105101.50 Long side
0105102.50 Front side
0114027.50 Top sliding door 42x38 mm
Turkey Coop 1 door Cod. 0105001.50
0101100.50 Bottom
0101110.50 Cover
Turkey Coop 2 doors Cod. 0105002.50
0101113.50 Bottom
0101127.50 Cover
0105105.50 3 stems-side
0114017.50 Side door 30x40 mm
0114016.50 Spring
0114015.50 Spring holder

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