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Universal Coop 110

The Universal Coop 110 is a semi-automatic solution for broilers; in fact, this product is used for handling on metal frames.
Animal welfare is guaranteed thanks to excellent ventilation, easy stacking, as well as smooth and round surfaces that minimize bruises and broken wings, preventing injuries during coop handling.
This coop is available in different versions: with 1, 2, 3 or without side doors and with or without a cover. The bottom can be pierced or closed.

Available also:
Universal coop 110 WITH 1 FRONT DOOR PIERCED BOTTOM Cod. 0107025.50
Universal coop 110 WITH 2 DOORS (1 FRONT + 1 RIGHT) PIERCED BOTTOM Cod. 0107086.50
Universal coop 110 WITH 2 DOORS (1 FRONT + 1 LEFT) PIERCED BOTTOM Cod. 0107087.50


0107205.50 Nail for cover
0114028.50 Top sliding door 42x32 cm
0114008.50 Top swinging door 52x42 cm
0114020.50 Side door 30x19 cm
0114016.50 Spring 30x19 cm
0114015.50 Spring holder doors

0107206.50 Cover with 2 sliding doors
0107202.50 Cover with swinging door
0107201.50 Cover without doors

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