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EggsCargoSystem® was introduced in 2000, in response to the need to offer a better solution in replacement of the current metal containers and paper trays.

EggsCargoSystem® is a system that consists of a specific plastic pallet, a special plastic divider (layer) to separate the stacks, and a wide range of smart-design plastic egg trays (flats), all for optimal egg protection. EggsCargoSystem® is the perfect combination of all modern egg handling equipment available in the market, created to ensure maximum egg protection.

The advantages of EggsCargoSystem® are efficient handling, better use of space, loss reduction, and improved hygiene.

The EggsCargoSystem® comes in 3 varieties. The Traditional system is meant for the transport of chicken eggs and hatching eggs. The XL system is meant for the transport of duck/ turkey and hatching eggs. The Mini is also meant for chicken eggs but in less volumes compared to the Traditional ECS system.

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