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EggsCargoSystem® Traditional

The EggsCargoSystem® forms the perfect joint venture with all modern egg handling equipment available in the market. All created to assure maximum egg protection.

Are you looking for the best egg transport system for consumption eggs? Then we highly recommend EggsCargoSystem. ECS was introduced in the year 2000, because we wanted to offer a better solution for the current metal roll containers and paper trays. ECS offers:

  • maximum protection during egg transportation: less than 3 percent cracked eggs!;
  • It’s also the most sustainable system available on the market. Not only due to the extremely long lifespan, but also because the product is fully recyclable;
  • And last but not least, you can transport more eggs in the same truck!

Eggs Cargo Trays sold worldwide

Eggs Cargo customers worldwide

used in amount of countries

Last updated on 01/03/2024

4 layers
5 layers
6 layers

4 layers

8.640 eggs

  • Eggs Cargo pallet = 1 pallet
  • Eggs Cargo divider = 3 dividers
  • Eggs Cargo tray = 288 trays

5 layers

10.800 eggs

  • Eggs Cargo pallet = 1 pallet
  • Eggs Cargo divider = 4 dividers
  • Eggs Cargo tray = 360 trays

6 layers

12.960 eggs

  • Eggs Cargo pallet = 1 pallet
  • Eggs Cargo divider = 5 dividers
  • Eggs Cargo tray = 432 trays






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