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Giordano join in the Global Egg Celebrations

Every year, on the second Friday in October, egg lovers around the world gather to celebrate World Egg Day. This auspicious occasion not only honours the humble but nutritious egg, but also provides an opportunity to recognise the extraordinary role of technology in the modern egg industry. These innovations have improved the production, quality and sustainability of eggs in ways that were once unimaginable.
Advanced technology helps minimise waste by preventing eggs from breaking during handling and transport. In addition, eggs that do not meet quality standards can be redirected to be processed into products such as liquid eggs, further reducing waste.

The 2023 World Egg Day theme, ‘Eggs for a Healthy Future’, celebrates the nutritional power of the incredible egg and its potential to combat common nutritional deficiencies around the world. Eggs contain all 9 essential amino acids, making them a ‘complete’ protein. The ratio and composition of amino acids in eggs makes them perfect for the body’s needs. Eggs are a healthy and accessible source of nutrition for people at all stages of life, including teenagers, expectant mothers, infants and the elderly.

We hope that this year’s theme will encourage everyone, regardless of location, market or specialisation, to celebrate the unique power of the egg.

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